A.Kilbourn's Application - APPROVED

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A.Kilbourn's Application - APPROVED
« on: December 28, 2016, 11:19:51 AM »
1. What is your full name?
Andrew Kilbourn

2. What is your Steam ID?

3. Arma 3 Player ID:

4. Where do you live? (Country, State, timezone)
Melbourne, Australia, AEST

5. What is your date of birth (dd/mm/yy)?

6. Why do you want to join the 1stRAR?
I want to join an Arma III community that will provide a fun and realistic environment for play.

7. What do you think you will get out of the 1stRAR
I will be able to learn more about the game and the community, as well as meet new people and make friends.

8. Have you ever been in a realism unit before, if so which one?​
Not for Arma III, but I have been for DCS Online (Digital Combat Simulator)

9. What is your desired area of expertise - Infantryman or Airman? (Aviation recruitment currently closed)
Infantryman (preferably as a Sniper or long range marksman of some kind). I would prefer to be in the same section as M. Anderson as he is a friend of mine.

10. Do you ever see yourself stepping into a leadership role? If so, what would you offer as a leader?​
I have held many leadership positions across multiple gaming clans and communities, in games ranging from arena shooters (Tribes: Ascend), to RTS (Starcraft II), to MOBAs (LoL & DOTA 2) & other FPS/Military titles (DCS, Insurgency etc).
Held a high position with The Art of Warfare community for a number of years, achieving the rank of Major General before leaving that community.
I would enjoy the opportunity to step up to a leadership position within the community.

11. What is your experience in the ARMA series?​
I have played a small amount of ARMA III, but more so of ARMA II a couple of years ago. Overall, my experience with the ARMA series is somewhat limited, but I am firmly familiar with other military realism titles.

12. Do you know how to mod ARMA 3?​

13. How did you find the 1stRAR? If you were referred by someone in the 1stRAR, who was it?​
Found the server in game, and then googled the name. Then found this webpage.

14. What do you think you will offer this unit as a member?
I am a reliable, responsible individual, who is able to quickly and confidently follow orders, as well as provide my own thoughts and ideas when reasonable. I would also like to think that I am a fun person to play with, and would cherish the opportunity to server as a member of the 1st RAR

15. Do you have any real life military experience? (Cadets, Army etc.)

By Signing this document you agree to uphold the rules, expectations and values of the 1st RAR and will meet all the requirements the 1st RAR asks of you.
Signed Andrew Kilbourn
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FLTLT A.Kilbourn
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Re: A.Kilbourn's Application
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2016, 03:54:00 PM »
Congratulations A.Kilbourn, your application has been APPROVED. Please join our teamspeak and locate the "waiting for interview" channel and wait patiently for a recruitment officer to assist you and begin your interview process!