B.Mitchell's application form - APPROVED

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B.Mitchell's application form - APPROVED
« on: February 19, 2016, 05:21:06 PM »
 1. What is your full name?

My full Name is Bailey Mitchell.

2. Where do you live? (Country, timezone)

I live in Sydney, NSW, Australia. GMT +10

2. What is your date of birth (dd/mm/yy)?


3. Why do you want to join the 1stRAR?

I want to join The 1stRAR for experience in Arma 3 realism simulation.

4. What do you think you will get out of the 1stRAR

I will get alot of experience in arma 3 and any other realism simulation.

5. Have you ever been in a realism unit before, if so which one?​


6. What is your desired area of expertise - Infantryman or Airman?

Infantryman is my desired area of expertise.

7. Do you ever see yourself stepping into a leadership role? If so, what would you offer as a leader?

​ i would prefer to not become a leader, but if asked i would.

8. What is your experience in the ARMA series?​

I have played alot of Arma 2 dayz and epoch mod, i have recently started playing arma 3 and have aquired 70 hours.

9. Do you know how to mod ARMA 3?​


10. How did you find the 1stRAR? If you were referred by someone in the 1stRAR, who was it?​

I was referred here by my mate H.Pursell

11. What do you think you will offer this unit as a member?

 I would offer my best with everything we do.
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Re: B.Mitchell's application form
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2016, 09:40:32 PM »
Congratulations Bailey Mitchell, your application has been APPROVED. Please join our teamspeak and locate the "waiting for interview" channel and wait patiently for a recruitment officer assist you and begin your interview process!
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