D.Alexander Application

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D.Alexander Application
« on: April 17, 2019, 10:53:07 PM »
1. What is your full name
Darien Alexander

2. What is your Steam ID

3. Arma 3 Player ID:

4. Where do you live? (Country, State, timezone)
Australia, Victoria AEST

5. What is your date of birth (dd/mm/yy)?

6. Why do you want to join the 1stRAR?
To play some operations and have some fun with some new people and i have seen millsims online and really want to join one

7. What do you think you will get out of the 1stRAR
a sense of real missions and serious game play with a lot of fun

8. Have you ever been in a realism unit before, if so which one?​
Yes 1st rar
9. What is your desired area of expertise - Infantryman or Airman?
 infantry or I would like to be a sniper if able as i am a lot better at a distance than up close

10. Do you ever see yourself stepping into a leadership role? If so, what would you offer as a leader?​

11. What is your experience in the ARMA series?​
i have alot of experience with arma 2 dayz and arma 3 altis life servers

12. Do you know how to mod ARMA 3?​

13. How did you find the 1stRAR? If you were referred by someone in the 1stRAR, who was it?​
my friend D.Walker lead me to it

14. What do you think you will offer this unit as a member?
i can offer a fun level and professionalism while making everyone's game play enjoyable and i am very good at not leaving a single member out of the fun professional game play. i believe that everyone has the right to play the game and everyone should be included in the fun.

15. Do you have any real life military experience? (Cadets, Army etc.)
i did scouts for 4 years with light army training

Signed Darien Alexander
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Re: D.Alexander Application
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2019, 10:56:27 PM »
Congratulations, D.Alexander your application has been APPROVED. Please join our teamspeak and locate the “Waiting for interview” channel and wait patiently for a recruitment officer to assist you and begin your interview.
PLTOFF A. Boulton, No. 3 SQN, No. 81 Wing, RAAF
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