H.Browning's Application

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H.Browning's Application
« on: October 12, 2018, 09:13:44 PM »
1. What is your full name?
Hayden Browning

2. Link to your Steam Profile:

3. Arma 3 Player ID: (Found in the player profile in-game)

4. Where do you live? (Country, State, timezone)
Australian, Western Australian, GMT +8

5. What is your date of birth (dd/mm/yy)?
2/01/2002 - 1st, January, 2002 - 16 years old

6. Why do you want to join the 1stRAR?
I am new to the ArmA experience, and I'm particularly interested in joining a serious or semi-serious MilSim unit - which has lead me to the 1stRAR. The 1stRAR is the first unit that has; shown to be currently active, shown to be based in AUS or Oceania, and has a relaxed age limit to above 16 (Opposed to 18 years old minimum, which is both understandable and vexing).

7. What do you think you will get out of the 1stRAR?
I hope to be fully introduced into the MilSIm experience - and from there learn Discipline and Military tactics, have fun, and most importantly - blow something up.

8. Have you ever been in a realism unit before, if so which one?​
I have not.

9. Do you ever see yourself stepping into a leadership role? If so, what would you offer as a leader?​
I do not see myself moving towards a Leadership role. I am inexperienced in both ArmA, Military Tactics and leadership.

10. What is your experience in the ARMA series?​
15 hours worth of gameplay experience - Playing the majority of the ArmA 3's standalone campaign that doesn't require any of the DLC, and playing a few of the APEX Protocol missions with some experienced ArmA friends.

11. How did you find the 1stRAR? If you were referred by someone in the 1stRAR, who was it?​
I found the 1stRAR though a few hours (over a few days) worth of searching for a Australian ArmA 3 MilSim Unit that had a age rating below 18, and met the already described requirements for my personal interest

12. What do you think you will offer this unit as a member?
I hope to offer the 1stRAR both a new player and a new perspective - one of inexperience and genuine interest in learning and enjoying the ArmA 3 MilSim experience

13. Do you have any real life military experience? (Cadets, Army etc.)
I have spent 5 years within a after-school Cadet unit, a Bush Rangers children's unit, - that while focusing almost entirely on fun camps and activities, Education on both the local bush area and natural areas across Australia, and natural conservation efforts - has had a small amount of experience practicing drill as a normal Cadet group might.
I hold the position of Deputy Unit Leader, which means I assist the other Cadet Leaders (Cadets who have been within the unit for long enough to be trusted to help lead and prepare activities) with the management of the children and the activities themselves.
I took part in a 20 Year Anniversary event for the Cadet Unit that had seen much of the year spent with a higher than usual dedication to Drill. This has given me a small insight and a bit of personal experience in true Cadet discipline.

14. Do you have any other relevant skills? (i.e. Mod creation, Previous server owner, etc)
Nothing relating to ArmA

By Signing this document you agree to uphold the rules, expectations and values of the 1st RAR and will meet all the requirements the 1st RAR asks of you.
Signed, H.Browning


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Re: H.Browning's Application
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2018, 09:22:55 PM »
Congratulations H.Browning your application has been ACCEPTED Please join the team-speak at wait patiently in the Waiting For Interview channel
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