Rules and Expectations

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Rules and Expectations
« on: February 03, 2016, 12:31:54 AM »
1. Treat all members of 1RAR and other units/groups with respect and friendliness.
2. Do not disrespect other servers or communities.
3. Do not advertise other servers or communities that are not related to 1RAR.
4. Respect the rules of other communities which you use (i.e. do not advertise on another communities server).
5. NO Dual Clanning. (Being a part of 2 or more Milsim Units at a time) No Exceptions.

1. Do not harass or insult any other members of the 1RAR.
2. Maintain a level of seriousness and milsim, adhering to the chain of command.
3. All members must use their full Milsim name with their rank (eg Pte J.Doe) at all times.
4. Treat all users of our teamspeak with respect.
5. All teamspeak permission must be used appropriately and can not be abused.
6. Do not poke senior officers more than once, wait patiently in their corresponding waiting rooms - this is because they are probably working on something 1RAR related and don't want to be disturbed, so try to see if another NCO can help you before going all the way to HQ.
7. Do not use any Voice Changing or alteration programs.
8. No Gore, over sexualized or adult themed images or videos linked within channel descriptions or avatars.

ARMA 3 (in-game)
1. Every members name must match the exact same format as their teamspeak name (eg Pte J.Doe).
2. Adhere to the chain of command (respect rank and authority).
3. During Briefing and Debriefings all members must remain silent until given Permission to speak.
4. Once on parade ground all members must collect and prepare themselves for briefing, debriefing, etc.
5. ACRE 2 is the only module to be used to contact other in game members.
6. Radio communication procedures must be used at all times on the radio (callsigns, radio comms etc).
7. Do not teamkill other BLUFOR players or shoot at unarmed civilians.
8. We do have a level of realism with facial hair regarding your avatar, so expect to be asked to shave if Operation standards permit changes.
9. Do not load onto the server unless there is a Corporal or above on the server to supervise. Unless there is a BCT or AIT taking place

1. Be a friendly, non aggressive person.
2. Listen to others opinions.

All members of the 1RAR are expected to be helpful and kind to any other teamspeak user (member or not) by attempting to engage in conversation, help them with any questions, or even to simply direct to the right place or the right person.

ARMA 3 (in game)
1. Provide feedback on how you felt the operation went.
2. Provide feedback on your superiors/inferiors ability/performance.
3. Assist in setting an example for new Recruits/Members

The 1st RAR values its members state both physically and mentally, its ability to provide an enjoyable and safe environment as well as creating a realistic Milsim experience for all its members. We pride ourselves in our ability to help public users and new members fit in and feel a sense of belonging as well as knowing we are able to teach and help people learn new things.
Our members well being however is at the forefront of our thoughts. In any case where a member may be feeling a certain way about their position with the 1RAR, our respective departments will go out of their way to assist.
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